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We are the Far North Coast County Council (trading as Far North Coast Weeds), covering the Tweed, Byron, Ballina, Lismore City, Richmond Valley and Kyogle shires.

We work with all communities in the fight against weeds.

We aim to protect and enhance the environment on the Far North Coast of New South Wales by managing the impact of noxious weeds on all classes of land within the county district and actively encouraging best-practice techniques and land use.

By working together in weed management we will protect and enhance our region’s environmental values and agricultural industries.

Our area of operation is about 10,920 square kilometres, bounded by the Queensland border to the north, Tenterfield Shire to the west and the Clarence Valley local-government area to the south.



Why weed management is so important

Weeds have the potential to destroy or seriously degrade areas of environmental significance and slash the returns from all agricultural industries.

If not managed properly, they can have a serious impact on the region’s scenic beauty, industry, employment and recreation.

To view pictures of worst-case weed infestations on the Far North Coast click HERE

Information contained on this web site is based on knowledge and understanding at the time of writing.

However, because of advances in knowledge, users are reminded of the need to ensure that information upon which they rely is up to date and checked for accuracy with the General Manager, another appropriate officer of Far North Coast Weeds, another appropriate authority or the user’s independent advice.


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